File Tab

Create new blank simulation or import from an XML, Visio, template, SDX and lots of other file formats to get started quickly.

Open all your recently accessed simulations quickly, or open a saved simulation file.

Print lets you print the simulation Window. The image can be Previewed and the orientation of the page altered by using the Select Printer and Page Layout option.

Publish file as a Viewer or Template file, or share your files online with Simul8 Web Enabled Viewer. Also gives you access to upload your file to your Simul8 Connect project.

Create external documentation files for your simulation to record the current state of your simulation or add to your simulation report.

Save your current simulation. Choose from .S8, the default Simul8 file format, xml, visio xml or Simul8 Viewer file formats. Note that we always recommend resetting your simulation before saving.

Save As
Save your simulation with a different name or different format. Note that we always recommend resetting your simulation before saving.

Choose from a selection of example files installed with Simul8 that will help you get started with learning Simul8.
More information

Access these help files and other resources to help you get started with Simul8. You'll also find your license and Simul8 version information here.

Closes the current simulation and keeps Simul8 running so you can start building a new simulation simulation. If you have changed the current simulation you will be prompted to see if you want to save the changes.

Configuration options for how your simulation and Simul8 should behave.
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Closes your current simulation and Simul8.