The Visual Logic Math Function WIProperty gets special property information from the Current Work Item. The following are valid text strings that specify what property is to be returned.

Note: To use WIProperty, enter the required property of the work item in double quotation marks, inside square brackets e.g. WIPROPERTY[“Space From Front”]

Space From Front
Distance between a Work Item and the point where it will be available to leave a Conveyor.

The value that appears in the CONTENTS dialog as 'Unique Identifier' - this is unique in any simulation run.

Type Length
The length of this Work Item type (does not consider the Length Label).

Is the Work Item being worked on? Values same as STATE property on Work Centers.

Type UniqueID
A Unique Identifier for the Work Item type.

Time in Queue
How much time has elapsed since this Work Item joined its current queue. (If in a queue - otherwise not a valid value).

Time in System
How much time has elapsed since this Work Item was created