Pooled Resource Results

Access the results for a Pooled Resource by double clicking on the Resource to open it's dialog and then clicking Results.

Overall Utilization for Pooled Resources

Utilization of Pooled Resources is best explained by understanding the detailed pool results. The utilization shown in the main Resources results dialog for a Pooled Resource is a weighted average of the use of each of the Resources involved in the pool.

If all elements on the pool contributed equally to resourcing the pool then the overall utilization would be the average of the “% of Available” column in the detailed results. However, the “% of Pool” column is used to weight the average by the contribution each Resource made to the pool.

The overall pool utilization does not indicate how much the pool is available. This is because the elements that make up the pool may have been heavily used by other pools or directly by Work Centers. Look at the detailed pool results to get a better understanding of how your pool is being used.

Pool Resource Detailed Results

The detailed pool results provide data on the contribution of the elements of the pool to utilization of the pool.

Access the results for a Pooled Resource through the properties dialog of the Pooled Resource - select the Results button and then the Pool Results Detail button.

This dialog is only available for pooled results when some results are available (i.e. once the simulation has been run).

Column 1 - % of Pool

This column adds to 100%. For each Resource involved in the pool it shows the % of the use of pool time came from that Resource.

Column 2 - % of Available

This column shows the % of the Resource's available time was actually used in this pool.

Column 3 - % of Use

This column shows the % of a Resource's use was actually used in this pool. For example, in this case, Resource 1 was only actually used at this pool (because 100% of its time was here), whereas Resource 2 must also have been used in other places because only 12% of its use was in this pool.

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