A Simul8 Spreadsheet is a Global Data Item that can contain many values - text or numeric.

Create a spreadsheet using the Information Store on the Data & Rules tab.

To change values in a spreadsheet simple type the new values or change them using Visual Logic. When addressing a spreadsheet cell from Visual Logic use Column number first, then the Row number (i.e. Y,X).

To copy/paste the entire spreadsheet to/from other Simul8 spreadsheets or other packages use the COPY/PASTE buttons in the spreadsheet dialog. (Using CTRL C and CTRL V will copy/paste the currently highlighted cell).

Simul8 Spreadsheets can be formatted as in Excel, can be displayed full screen and can contain graphs, charts and even buttons that run a simulation. To format a spreadsheet use the Edit Formats button.

Additionally, from build 3902 onwards, you can view, change and create spreadsheets by clicking on the Spreadsheets button on the Data and Rules tab.


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