Simulation Software for Automotive Manufacturing

The simulation software of choice for making risk free decisions rapidly, accurately and efficiently.

At SIMUL8 we understand Automotive. Our founder developed the first version of SIMUL8 following years of working in automotive, because he, like the best manufacturing engineers recognized what is important in a simulation tool. We still live by these principles as we continue to develop the product today.

Our belief is that when using simulation software, the purpose is not building a simulation, it's to make risk free decisions rapidly, accurately and efficiently.

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70% of the world's top OEMs use SIMUL8 for their process improvement.

"We wanted to look at the impact of slowing down the best performing lines as people on these lines were always waiting for work from slower lines in the process and that's just waste ."

Steve Lin , Throughput and Simulation Specialist, Chrysler

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Test What-if? and Discover the Impact

SIMUL8 users in Automotive use SIMUL8 to quickly build powerful simulations and run day-to-day what-if scenarios for continuous improvement. Use SIMUL8 to test what-ifs and find out what the impact will be on your:

  • Throughput/Jobs Per Hour
  • System Cycle Time
  • Operator Utilization and Staffing Requirements
  • Choke Points and Bottlenecks
  • Current Delays
  • WIP Storage Needs
  • Efficiency Under Peak Loads
  • Downtime/Breakdowns
  • Travel Times

SIMUL8 is the simulation software of choice for the world's largest automotive manufacturers. Why?

Rapid Modeling

Build your simulations in 2 days or less. Our simulation engine is 10 times faster than our nearest competitor.

Intuitive Interface

Over 20 years working in automotive means we have every feature you need all in a clean, intuitive interface.


No simulation is too complicated. Our scripting tools ensure exact customization, while giving you flexibility with efficiency.

Easily Customizable Graphics

Quickly customize graphics so that your simulation is easily recognizable as your process to stakeholders to help with buy-in and communication.

Compatibility with other Software

SIMUL8 is compatible with a variety of software packages to make building your simulations fast, including AutoCAD, Visio, Minitab, ERP Systems, xml, VBA and more.

Connectivity to any data set

SIMUL8 is able to connect to any data set: Excel, Access, Oracle, Sybase etc., so you can quickly connect all the information you have.

Accuracy of Results

Quickly select your key KPIs, set up custom results, run trials, and be confident with the decisions you're making.

Instant Access to KPIs

Instantaneous and easy access to custom KPIs in the results manager indicating where you need to improve your process.

First Class Technical Support

At SIMUL8 we pride ourselves on our customers' success. Our experienced technical support team is on hand to answer queries.

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