My simulation won't load

If your simulation file is very large, Simul8 might take a while to load it. This often occurs when:

Saving the simulation without resetting

Information carried on Work Items often takes up a lot of memory, particularly if you have many Work Items. When saving without resetting, the Work Items together with the information they carry are left in the simulation, and when Simul8 is loading the simulation, it is trying to load all this information as well.

To resolve this, wait for the file to load, and once it loads make sure to Reset your simulation and save it.

Using Queues as Simulation exit objects

Since Information of Work items adds up to the memory of the model, when using Queues as exit objects, Simul8 is putting even more effort in loading this information when opening the model.

To avoid this, use End Points instead of Queues as exit points where applicable, to ensure less memory is used when loading finished Work Item’s label values.

See also

To further reduce the size of your simulation where possible, you can follow some of the tips relating to speeding up your simulation.