3D (Virtual Reality) lets you create 3 dimensional representations of any system. It will run any existing simulation by using default images. You can import images or use the image library and move around using the camera controller.

Turn on the 3D display by clicking on the 3D button on the View tab. This will immediately convert your simulation into 3D using the default 3D images.

Moving Around the 3D Window

When you drag around the 3d window it moves the whole simulation. If you click an object it will move that object instead (to avoid this, when just wanting to pan around, hold down ALT).

To move an object up/down (instead of moving it around the floor space) hold down SHIFT as you drag). Also, while SHIFT is down, the mouse wheel will scale the object. (But better to scale in the VR bit of image editor as then the scale applies to everything using it.)

The above also applies to any imported scenes.

Changing the Image for an Object

You can change the image for any simulation object. There are 2 ways to get to the dialog to do this:

  • Double click on an object, or use the ribbon, to access the graphics properties for an object. Then click on the object image and the VR button.
  • The much quicker option is in the 3D view, hold down CRTL-Double-Click the object to open the VR image editor

From the VR editor you can:

Select New Images

Select 3D image files from your computer using the Select Image button, or import new images directly from Google Warehouse using the From Google button.


Change the angle the image is seen at. You'll need to do this if you import and image because usually they're not an the angle you want. Click on the image and drag the mouse to rotate it or use the 4 square buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

Click Snap Rotation when you have the angle you want to save it. Cancel Rotation button puts the image back to the angle it was loaded at.

Importing Scenes

Scenes are the 3D equivalent of background images. They let you quickly import an elaborate 3D image to use as the backdrop for your simulation. This make it much easier to quickly creating a compelling 3D simulation because then all you need to do is change the object images as in the section above.

To import a scene select the Import Scene option from the drop down menu on the 3D button on the View tab.

Depending on how your scene was saved in the graphics package it was created in you will probably need to scale scene to fit in with your simulation. If it's come in too high, right click on it and select Drop to floor to immediately bring it to ground level.

Google Warehouse

Google warehouse is a free online repository of 3D images. It's a fantastic resource for finding images for your simulation objects and scenes to import as backgrounds. We recommend you have browse.

Visit Google Warehouse