Variable Collect

This feature is available only in Simul8 2015 and later.

What is Variable Collect?

The Variable Collect feature is an enhancement to the Collect Routing In discipline to give you more control over how many work items need to be collected at an Activity.

By default, the Collect discipline allows you to do the following:

  • Combine multiple work items
  • Process items together in an activity
  • Use as a Routing In discipline to:
    • Process multiple work items simultaneously
    • Combine multiple work items into a single entity

Previously, the number of work items that could be collected was fixed for each location. Variable Collect allows you to choose how many work items need to be collected based on a work item's label value.

Variable Collect uses labels and spreadsheets to allow you to vary how many work items should be collected from each location.

Variable Collect Examples

  • Different car models on the same production line require different combinations of parts
  • Patients in an emergency department have different diagnostics tests and require to collect different test results
  • Orders in a restaurant are made up of variable combinations of dishes

Using Variable Collect

  1. Select an Activity
  2. Choose Routing In on the Properties Tab
  3. Select the Collect discipline.
  4. Choose “More»”
  5. Check the option for Label / Sheet

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